Rejected Fairytales
Call Me Alicia. Its UHH-LISH-UHH! Say it right or GTFO. I'm a 4 year old girl stuck in the body of a 17 year old. So basically I don't act much my age. I have Green eyes, blond hair. I cry a lot. Equally because of happiness and sadness. I have at least 5 different personalities. Crowds make me anxious. Most days I usually just bum around and be a loner all day. I hear colors, I see sound. I believe in fairies. Magic is real. I have difficulty telling whats reality and what fantasy these days. I change my mind every five minutes. If I don't listen to music for a couple of days, I loose it. I make things. I almost never feel like I belong. I am very uncomfortable having a human experience. I like bad movies. I am extremely ambitious. I'm a foodie. I love everything that sparkles. I love my friends and family. I care more about them than I do about myself. I would do anything to make sure they're okay. I feed off of other peoples happiness. Love me or hate me. Im just a pretty complicated person.
Rejected Fairytales

It’s that time of year again.


The TARDIS as seen on the first episode of Doctor Who, 1963.

New rule…first ever fucking TARDIS Always fucking reblog

Yes 12th Doctor, we’ll reblog it.

Saturn’s Rings